Tags and branches

Accessing tags and branches

With gitlib, you can access them via the ReferenceBag object. To get this object from a Repository, use the getReferences method:

$references = $repository->getReferences();

First, you can test existence of tags and branches like this:

if ($references->hasBranch('master') && $references->hasTag('0.1')) {
    echo "Good start!";

If you want to access all branches or all tags:

$branches       = $repository->getBranches();
$localBranches  = $repository->getLocalBranches();
$remoteBranches = $repository->getRemoteBranches();
$tags           = $repository->getTags();
$all            = $repository->getAll();

To get a given branch or tag, call getBranch or getTag on the ReferenceBag. Those methods return Branch and Tag objects:

$master  = $references->getBranch('master');
$feat123 = $references->getLocalBranch('feat123');
$feat456 = $references->getRemoteBranch('origin/feat456');
$v0_1    = $references->getTag('0.1');

If the reference cannot be resolved, a ReferenceNotFoundException will be thrown.

On each of those objects, you can access those informations:

// Get the associated commit
$commit = $master->getCommit();

// Get the commit hash
$hash = $master->getCommitHash();

// Get the last modification
$lastModification = $master->getLastModification();

Create and delete reference

You can create new tags and branches on repository, using helper methods on ReferenceBag object:

// create a branch
$references = $repository->getReferences();
$branch     = $references->createBranch('foobar', 'a8b7e4...'); // commit to reference

// create a tag
$references = $repository->getReferences();
$tag        = $references->createTag('0.3', 'a8b7e4...'); // commit to reference

// delete a branch or a tag

Resolution from a commit

To resolve a branch or a commit from a commit, you can use the resolveTags and resolveBranches methods on it:

$branches = $references->resolveBranches($commit);
$tags     = $references->resolveTags($commit);

// Resolve branches and tags
$all      = $references->resolve($commit);

You can pass a Commit object or a hash to the method, gitlib will handle it.