Tree and files

To organize folders, git uses trees. In gitlib, those trees are represented via Tree object.

To get the root tree associated to a commit, use the getTree method on the commit object:

$tree = $commit->getTree();

This tree is the entry point of all of your files.

The main method for a tree is the getEntries method. This method will return an array, indexed by name. Each of those elements will be the entry mode and the entry object.

Let’s understand how it works with a concrete example:

function displayTree(Tree $tree, $indent = 0)
    $indent = str_repeat(' ', $indent);
    foreach ($tree->getEntries() as $name => $data) {
        list($mode, $entry) = $data;
        if ($entry instanceof Tree) {
            echo $indent.$name."/\n";
            displayTree($tree, $indent + 1);
        } else {
            echo $indent.$name."\n";


This method will recursively display all entries of a tree.

Resolve a path

To access directly a sub-file, the easier is probably to use the resolvePath method.

An example:

$source = $tree->resolvePath('src/Gitonomy/Git');

$source instanceof Tree;

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