Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gitonomy good enough for me?

OK, let’s be fair: Gitonomy is still in early development.

We would love to conquer the world, make everybody use Gitonomy, paint the world orange and start writing songs about it, unfortunately, it’s an open-source project.

We still lack some key features, and I have to tell you that some other projects are more advanced than Gitonomy:

Please consider them as you consider Gitonomy. Gitonomy is good for you if you’re a Symfony2 developer and will probably want some day to hack in it.

Can I push using username/password?

By now, Gitonomy only works with SSH server using SSH keys. It’s not possible to authenticate with username/password credentials.

If you have any thoughts on this topic and sufficient skills for it, let’s start a discussion!

Can I push to repositories over HTTP?

Yay... not yet! Some experiences were made over HTTP, unfortunately, we are still buffering all git packs inside the PHP process, which is a bad thing.

Same for here, if you have sufficient skills on this topic, I’d be happy to POC with you.

Why are repositories located in cache folder?

In version 0.3 and before, default location for repositories was app/cache/repositories. Event worse, it was difficult to make it work properly out of this folder.

Starting from version 0.4, default location is app/repositories. Also, from this version, it’s possible to use shell scripts with a customly configured repository location.

I modified parameters.yml but I’m still getting errors from Gitonomy. How to fix them?

When you modify your parameters.yml file, the cache of the application is not automatically updated. You need to clear it manually:

php app/console cache:clear --env=prod

If you want to be sure it’s properly cleaned, delete your app/cache/prod folder.