Why should I use Gitonomy?

Gitonomy is an application you can place inside your infrastructure to manage your git repositories.

Most of popular sourcecode platforms means sending your sourcecode in a cloud and trust the service provider; Gitonomy is located inside your company.

Made by developers for developers

Gitonomy is a Symfony2 application, using the framework fullstack. It means it relies on heavy foundations to provide a stable platform for code hosting.

The choice was made to make Gitonomy open-source, allowing anyone to contribute on the project.

Any Symfony2 developer can extend Gitonomy with this documentation. You can create a bundle or integrate it to your entreprise as you wish. Code is following standards and uses design patterns. It is meant to be extended.

Put the code back in your hands

If you’re afraid of putting your code in the cloud, Gitonomy is for you!

Sometimes, the cloud is rainy, and you can’t access your third-party code repositories. With Gitonomy, everything is on your servers. You don’t depend to the Internet weather.

You can secure Gitonomy within your infrastructure and accelerate it. In fact, repository pushes and pulls will be faster than any other solution. It will happen at the speed of local network and your server capacity.

A different approach

When other tools try to imitate a popular platform, we try to inovate and work to provide a different experience on your repositories.

Experience on Gitonomy should be focused on project and workflows. We want to provide flexibility and innovation inside your code management experience.