The good way to manage your repositories

Managing your repositories inside your infrastructure is not easy.
I can be a new experience for both you and all your team.

Take a tour of our features, and see why you should love Gitonomy.

See what's happening

See exactly what's happening over time using
Gitonomy browsing tools.

See last events on your projects: push, branch creation/deletion, tags and so on.

Every activity on your repositories will be reported to the projects' newsfeeds.

Visualize branching with history, a graph visualization feature.

Get the list of your branches and see diff from main branch or any other.

Get latest activity of a user using Gitonomy. You'll see last commits of user on repository.

See the code

Get a clear view of what's in your repositories.

See your sourcecode with syntax highlighting, last modifications on directories and files.

View commit diff, compare old and new versions.

You can also compare a range of commits, like the last push or a branch.

Manage your repositories

With Gitonomy, you can manage your users and repositories via the web interface.

Administrate projects

Manage your SSH keys to access git repositories.

You can create new roles to grant given permissions to users.

Manage your profile (culture, timezone and e-mails).